Jo Ann Spearmon – Master Key Experience- Week 25

My major take-away from my Master Key Experience is that
conditions and situations I encounter in my life are neutral until I
put/place a thought to/on it. My thoughts cause emotions to rise
within me which elicits my actions, good or bad towards the
condition or situation.

I also realize that I must take responsibility for everything that has
happen to me throughout my life. While I know I didn’t
intentionally want negative things to happen in my life, I recognize
that my thoughts caused the negative occurrences to manifest
themselves into my reality- Deep!

So, I’m setting the intention to observe my thoughts and keep
thinking, “it’s neutral now.” If the thought is negative I ask myself,
“why are you thinking that?” If the thought doesn’t serve me, I
have to release it and let it go and replace it with my mantra- “I
am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and

As I master my thoughts and moods with positive actions, I will
control my Destiny!

I am excited about what the future holds.


Jo Ann Spearmon – Master Key Experience – Week 24

I am setting the intention each morning to control and master my moods through positive actions. I’ve learned that as I take positive actions, I am more productive and accomplishing so much more than when I focus on things I do not want in my life.

I by no means want this to sound like it’s a piece of cake in controlling my emotions. I must make conscious efforts to make this a reality as this continues to be a work in progress.

The GS Scroll #6 provides a roadmap that I find helpful in directing me on how to take positive actions based on the way I feel. For example, “if I feel depressed, I will sing; if I feel sad, I will laugh; if I feel ill I will double my labor, etc.”

“I will become Master of myself. I will become Great!”



Jo Ann Spearmon – Master Key Experience – Week 23

I have come to understand and know that if I want to control my
actions, I must first gain control over my thoughts. Each morning I
am setting my intention to keep my thought on things that are
lovely, things that are pure, things that are of the fresh fruits of the

I am also learning to control my emotions so that I can have
productive days that are filled with joy. I find that I readily avoid
people with negative energy.

When confronted with negative situations or people, I think,
“Seriously, OK Jo, keep it moving”.

I am learning to let my actions  control my thoughts, especially if a negative thought tries to enter my mind. I am constantly repeating to myself- “I am whole,
perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

I am aware that I must continue this practice so that it will be ingrained in me and will be how I naturally flow.

“I will become Master of myself. I will become Great!”

Jo Ann Spearmon – Master Key Experience – Week 22a

The light bulb came on as I read MK Chapter 22. As I progressed
through the weeks of participating in MKE, doing the exercises,
cards, recitations, etc., I felt that I wasn’t where I want to be.
Although I noted some improvement in me, I felt I was missing

After reading chapter 22 a couple of times, I said- “dang Jo, if you
change your thoughts to be specific about what you want, your life
will become what you want it to be.”

The areas of my life that are not what I want them to be are that
way because my internal thoughts are continuing to create the
situation(s) I don’t like. The cause is always in the world within.
So, if I change my thinking/cause, I will get a different outcome.

Yes, I’ve read that in the discussion in previous chapters, and that
I must visualize my “happy place,” but after reading it for the
umpteenth time, I can say- “ I got it.”

So, now what’s the plan?

Because I understand that the quality of the brain is governed by
my state of mind, or mental attitude, and if I maintain a desirable
mental attitude, I will create an energy force that will draw the
positive things I want in my life to me.

Now, I set the intention to master the 7 Day Mental Diet and
intently focus on what I want, even when negative thoughts come
up or I am faced with negative situations. My “sits” will focus on
visualizing my ideal life despite what’s going on around me.

Stay tuned.

Jo Ann Spearmon – Master Key Experience – Week 22

Living each day as if it is my last is helping me kick procrastination in the butt to some extent.  I am getting a lot accomplished on my “to do” list and around the house.

However, some of the things I need to do for my business are not getting done this week like I did them last week and the week before. I’m pausing today to ask myself-“Why?”

Initially “Fear” came up in my mind. But, what am I afraid of? Am I fearful of being successful in my business? I didn’t think so, but I will take these questions into my sit. I’m also asking myself, “What am I pretending not to know and what would the person I intend to become do next?”

Last week I stated that I realized I had been working like a fox for several years and that my intention is to become and adopt the Hedge Hog Concept to move my business to the next level.

I realize I fell off the wagon this week but will not continue to focus on that. I’ve learned that I need to focus on what I want, not on what I don’t want. I’m forgetting about yesterday as well as tomorrow and focusing on today. Otherwise, I realize I will be throwing now for something I can’t change because it happened in the past.

Onward and upward.

Dr. Jo Ann Spearmon